15 Gift Ideas for Photographers

15 Gift Ideas for Photographers

15 Gift Ideas for Photographers - Brockalli - Christmas Holiday - Camera Alli Brock

Running out of ideas for your holiday shopping this Christmas season? Well if they are a photographer, then it is way easier than you think! You don’t have to buy them a new lens to show them you care! There are plenty of gift options for any budget! Check out these 15 gift ideas that any Photographer would love!

1: Holga Toy Film Camera

Alli Brock-Gift Ideas for Photographers

This is an actual film camera! It is considered a Toy Camera meaning it’s cheap and known for its imperfections. You never know what will happen, but the Holga cameras have their own unique style to them! Comes in black for $39.93 or a solid color for just a few more bucks.

2. Snack Cap Lens Caps

Alli Brock-Gift Ideas for Photographers

For just $10 you can add some fun to their gear with either a donut or burger options. Just so you know, there are different sizes of caps depending on their lens!! So if you can find out what lens they have, check the size of the cap for that lens!

3.Nikon Or Canon Camera Mugs

The classic gift that every photographer should have, For only $24! Be sure to  pick their brand! We photographers are very loyal to our cameras. 😉  Nikon Mug is here and Canon is here for $24.00


4. Lens Pillow

Who needs a pillowpet when you could have a Lens Pillow! $45 at photojoo

5. The Lens Cap Strap Holder

Nothing is scarier than those 15 seconds of you looking for your lens cap. Luckily there’s an easy fix! This little guys allow you to attach those caps to your camera strap, so you don’t have to remember which pocket, coat pocket, or camera bag pocket you put those cap in! $10 at photojojo

6.Polaroid Shirt

Alli Brock-Gift Ideas for Photographers-6

Another Icon all of us photographer love is Polaroid Shirt! This shirt coming in at only $14.99, via Target, makes it hard to find a reason not to get it!

7. Editing Day Mug

For those long days sitting at the desk, this mug can help keep you going! Comes in two sizes starting at $11.99 on The Printed Cup via Etzy

8.Cute Camera Strap

Add a pop of color to their gear with a cute camera strap! This one I found on Amazon for $14.99, but you can find some really cute ones on Etsy as well!

9. 104 Things To Photograph

104 Things to Photograph Book Gift Idea

I personally have this book! I bought it when visiting Powell’s Book store in Portland Oregon. It’s a fun simple book that gives starting ideas to photograph, then you can print and put in your photo right into the book! It’s a fun date night idea or just to help get your creative juices flowing!  $13.98 on Amazon.

10. Blueprint Cameras

Camera Blueprint Alli Brock gift idea for photographers

We love our cameras, inside and out! These are beautiful prints that your photographer can hang anywhere in their home to show their love of their other half. You can find them all over Amazon & Wayfair, but the best price with great reviews is on
Esty for $19.99

11. Scott Kelby Digital Photography Books

Scott Kelby Photography Book Alli Brock Gift Idea

This guy is the Michael Jordan of Photography, not only that, but he’s a great teacher! His content is family friendly and his books get straight to the point! I personally have 1- 4 of the first edition books & love them! Weather you’re a beginner or advanced photographer, he’s got tips and tricks for every type of photographer out there. I still tend to look at my book every now and then and learn something new! Amazon for $19.99

12. Fashion Camera Bag

Camera Bag - Alli Brock Photo Gift Ideas

Some girls love shoes, some love make up, I love camera bags! This is a cute bag that you can wear anywhere and always have your best friend with you in case that perfect shot presents itself. It doubles as a cute and fashionable purse! Check it out on Amazon for $39.95

13. Ugly Photographer Christmas Sweater

Christmas Photographer Gift Idea Alli Brock

It’s the holidays, you know what that means… lots and lots of pictures. Instead of those awkward moments of someone looking for a photographer to take a picture of their family, make it easier on them and label yourself the photographer! Sure it might mean your excluded from all of your family photos , but hey at least you feel festive! Comes in 7 Different colors on Etsy for $22.95

14. Camera Necklace – Rose Gold, Gold or Silver

Alli Brock Photo Idas Gift Necklace

It’s like a BFF necklace, but for just you, of your camera. My camera is like my baby, so being a proud mother I love wearing camera jewelry. This hand stamped necklace is too cute! You can find it in Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver on Etsy for $25.00

15. B&H Gift card

B&H Gift Card

Still not sure what to get them? Well B&H is every photographers Costco! They have the best deals and way more stuff than we actually need. The gift cards online range from $20 – $250


These are just some ideas I came up with! If you have tried any of these gifts out or have another idea, leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you!


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