80’s stylized fashion photography

80’s style fashion¬†editorial photo shoot

I was born in the early 90’s, so when I think of the 80’s I think of spandex, bright colors and over the top eye make up. With the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, the 80’s has come back in a new way. I did a fashion photoshoot with the 80’s style in mind. I didn’t want to do the stereotype 80’s though, more of a modern take on the 80’s. I used a pink and cyan colored gels on my studio lights to give it that pop of retro!

80s Fashion Style Portrait

These two models were so fun! Marisa (blonde) has been modeling since she was 13 years old. She told me that when she was younger her mom noticed that her height and gave her the option of starting basketball or modeling.  She picked modeling and has been doing it ever since. Her goal is to move to NYC and do modeling full time.

 80s Fashion Style Portrait

Markell (burnet) has grown up with Marisa. Living in a small town they have done everything together. Markell married her high school sweetheart Casey, and are coming up on their one year anniversary! I met them through my good friend Gerardo Sumano. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I talk about him a lot in my blog, because he is so amazing! His photography is beautiful, especially his fashion photography! Seriously, check out his website here!

Fashion Girls Pose 80s portrait

Models : Marisa (@marisoulyn)  & Markell (@markehill)
make up : Taylor Simpson (@twotayzz)

Draper, Utah