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Good places to eat in Jackson Hole WY

Good places to eat in Jackson Hole WY

The Lift – Jackson Hole Wyoming

Jackson Hole is a perfect place near the Tetons to visit. There are a lot of fun shops and lots of restaurants! Sometimes, as a tourist, you don’t get to visit and taste all the different place. That’s when you ask a local; and if you were to ask me, I’d tell you to try out The Lift Bar and Grill. It is located right in town and has a great outdoor seating for those warm summer nights.

restaurant Alli Brock - Places to eat in jackson hole - food - dinner - The Lift


Not only are the employees welcoming, but the whole interior gives you a nice modern lodge grill feel. The menu is full of different options of great comfort food for the whole family! Their goal is to be your favorite neighborhood pub! Check out their full menu on their website: liftjacksonhole.com

Good places to eat in Jackson Hole WYAlli Brock - Places to eat in jackson hole - food - dinner - The Lift  Brockalli - Places to eat in jackson hole - food - dinner - The Lift

Places to eat in jackson hole - food - dinner - The Lift - workshop Alli Brock - Places to eat in jackson hole - food - dinner - The Lift Alli Brock - Places to eat in jackson hole - food - dinner - The Lift

80’s stylized fashion photography

80’s style fashion editorial photo shoot

I was born in the early 90’s, so when I think of the 80’s I think of spandex, bright colors and over the top eye make up. With the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, the 80’s has come back in a new way. I did a fashion photoshoot with the 80’s style in mind. I didn’t want to do the stereotype 80’s though, more of a modern take on the 80’s. I used a pink and cyan colored gels on my studio lights to give it that pop of retro!

80s Fashion Style Portrait

These two models were so fun! Marisa (blonde) has been modeling since she was 13 years old. She told me that when she was younger her mom noticed that her height and gave her the option of starting basketball or modeling.  She picked modeling and has been doing it ever since. Her goal is to move to NYC and do modeling full time.

 80s Fashion Style Portrait

Markell (burnet) has grown up with Marisa. Living in a small town they have done everything together. Markell married her high school sweetheart Casey, and are coming up on their one year anniversary! I met them through my good friend Gerardo Sumano. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I talk about him a lot in my blog, because he is so amazing! His photography is beautiful, especially his fashion photography! Seriously, check out his website here!

Fashion Girls Pose 80s portrait

Models : Marisa (@marisoulyn)  & Markell (@markehill)
make up : Taylor Simpson (@twotayzz)

Beautiful Fashion Studio Lighting Headshots

Beautiful Fashion Studio Lighting Headshots

Every artist gets this funk; where you just start hating everything you create. You only see everyone’s strengths and all your weaknesses. I’ve been in that funk for a little bit but after this shoot feel that I️ have my fire back. I’m not only proud of this work, but I️ can see all my hard work and years of learning worth it. A lot of people tell me I️ didn’t need to go to school for photography because most people just do it on their own. I️ know I️ would’ve been way too intimidated by studio lighting if I️ hadn’t gone to school and have been working everyday at a studio. So here’s to the future of more learning & growing as an artist.

Beautiful Fashion Studio Lighting Head shot

These fashion beauty shots are done by only using two lights! You can still get a professional looking fashion photo! I have one strobe with a beauty dish, and another light with a purple gel for the background. That’s it! Now just get in close and have your model do her thing! Isn’t Rachel gorgeous! She is from New Jersey, but her family is half Dominican Republic, and other half is Jewish! I really wanted to emphasis on her amazing hair and beautiful eyes!

 Beautiful Fashion Studio Lighting Head shot

Another amazing photographer, who keeps it simple with only using one studio light is Luke Fontana. He is a famous photographer who has shot everyone in Hollywood. He keeps the backgrounds simple, and using a huge soft box for that beautiful soft light.

 Beautiful Fashion Studio Lighting Head shot

Not just a Wedding Photographer

Not Just A Wedding Typical Photographer

When you’re a wedding photographer, you’re not just a wedding photographer. You have a long list of other jobs you have to be ready to take on at any moment.  I’ve been a janitor, hair stylist, make up artist, weather woman, fashionista, lion tamer, oh and a photographer. You also have to be more then just a portrait photographer, you also have to take good food, architecture, candid, action, macro, and landscape. It makes me nervous when people just ask their friend with a nice camera to take their wedding photos! There is so much going on you have to be the able to fight the storms.

Alli Brock- Not Just a Wedding Photographer

Alli Brock- Not Just a Wedding PhotographerAlli Brock- Not Just a Wedding Photographer

Alli Brock- Not Just a Wedding Photographer

Alli Brock- Not Just a Wedding Photographer

You were hired by your bride. She choose you and trust you with the most important day of her life. No pressure right? When I shoot a wedding, I sorta turn into the bride’s right hand woman. I’m there to make sure she has everything she needs. In my camera bag, I have chap stick, bobbi-pins, safety pins, band aids for those blistered heels, and a bunch of other loose end items that usually get forgotten items on your busy day.

Alli Brock- Not Just a Wedding PhotographerAlli Brock- Not Just a Wedding Photographer

Alli Brock- Not Just a Wedding Photographer

It almost is an adrenaline rush for me. When I worked at Walt Disney World, I worked multiple attractions. You always had to be on your toes and be ready to take control of a crowd within seconds. You have to pay attention to every little detail of the ride so that no one gets hurt. Weddings are pretty similar. There are a lot of emotions, people, opinions, stress, and long lost family members. That is why I stand on the Bride’s team so that I can take some of that stress off of her and make it a happy and memorable day for the newly weds.

Model: Shelby Lundquist Josh Smith
IG: @_shelblund @josh.is.fresh
Venue: The Venue in Rigby Idaho
Makeup: Kelsey Jeannette Phillips
Hair: Kylee Egbert
Bouquet: floralee florals

Tips – Posing Guys for Portraits or Fashion

Male Poses

I get asked a lot on tips for posing guys. Not gonna lie, it can be really difficult, especially if they don’t want to be there but their wife or mother is making them be in the photos. On rare occasions you can get the kind of clients that are already comfortable with the camera. They don’t complain and ask where to put their hand, and don’t mine giving me the serious look without looking angry!

Male Pose Portrait Fashion

Posing is something that seems really hard, but it really isn’t. Sometimes it’s hard to get into the groove but once you’re there, it’s sweet sailing! A big trick is to just have the model slightly move in one pose multiple times. Not only will you get more poses, but you also will get different angels of that person which may look better! Head turn to the right, chin up, chin down, head to the left, chin up chin down, neck forward, head tilt. Those are all poses just using the head! So even headshots can be different!

Male Pose Portrait Fashion

Male Pose Portrait FashionMale Pose Portrait Fashion

You can keep it casual, or go for a catalog look! These portraits are easy to set up, they are a one studio light set up. The master of one light portraits in NYC, celebrity  photographer Luke Fontana. He has shot almost everyone from Hollywood, all using just one light!

Male Pose Portrait FashionMale Pose Portrait Fashion

Just keep it fun and you’ll do fine, but if you are really having a brain fart, my good friend Geradro Sumano is an amazing photographer. Check out his website for some inspiration!

Male Pose Portrait Fashion

My two models are

Red backdrop – Ethan Meeker
Grey background – Aubert L’Esperance

Water Drop Photography

Crazy cool Water Drop Photography

Ever see those crazy wallpapers with these water drops that look like they came from a lava lamp!! Well I️ decided to give it a try! The set up is pretty intensive .
First you need to get a bag of water and hang it above a pan of water. Cut a small hole in the corner and pinch it so it drips slowly. Take a pen and put the pen in the water where the drips are landing so you can focus on the right spot. Then switch it to manual focus. Now it’s all about timing. Try out different shots to get the ripples and different splashes.

Alli Brock Crazy Cool Water Drop Photography

See! It’s not as hard as it looks! Now you just put different colors of paper behind the pan and that’s how you get the different water colors.
If you still have some questions, click here for a good tutorial so you can see what the set up looks like.

Alli Brock Crazy Cool Water Drop PhotographyAlli Brock Crazy Cool Water Drop PhotographyAlli Brock Crazy Cool Water Drop Photography

Let me know in the comments below how your water drops turned out!!

Epic Portrait Lighting

Balance Outdoor Lighting

Taking pictures during mid day can be hard to do. You definitely need at least a reflector to get those harsh shadows under control. Well how about we take it a step further and add a speed light?

 Alli Brock Epic Lighting Portrait

As you can see in this first image, this is what a natural light photographer would have to do in order to get their subject enough light on their face. They would have to nearly blow out their background.

Alli Brock Epic Lighting Portrait

The only way you could fix that background is if you meter for the background. Which you can see leaves your subject in the shadows. By adding that speed light or reflector, we add back in light where the sun is absent. This gives you a good lighting for both your background and your subject.

Alli Brock Epic Lighting Portrait

These are pictures of my friend Gerardo. He is an amazing fashion photographer!! Check out his website here!

Creative Portrait – Smoke Bombs II

We had so much fun shooting with colored smoke bombs! They add a whole new element and mystery to a portrait. I had a previous post of a photoshoot with Elphaba from Wicked. Then another shoot with the beautiful Macy Smith as Little Red Riding Hood. Here are some others that didn’t make the cut of those post and just show you some of the other experiments we did with the smoke bombs! The other two images are of Sam skateboarding and Will. Will’s image wasn’t directly using smoke bombs but we were in the barn that we did the smoke bombs in and the haze from the smoke made the light coming in from the windows really cool. So I pulled him aside and got this shot!

Creative Portrait Smoke Bombs Creative Portrait Smoke Bombs Creative Portrait Smoke Bombs Creative Portrait Smoke Bombs

I love how much drama these images give. I can’t wait to try this again. If anyone is up for a smoke bomb photoshoot. Hit me up on my contact page!


Creative Portrait – Smoke Bombs

Little Red Riding Hood – Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs portraits have started making it’s way into portraits. They are expensive and hard to find. I highly recommend researching about them before lighting them. We had a lot of trial and error with over $100 worth of smoke bombs. Make sure it’s not too windy, and that the your subject wont be smoked out too long so they can breath. Also remember it is a firework!!! So it is very dangerous and keep away from children! The results are beautiful! I love how these turned out. They are mysterious and magical. Leave a comment below which ones you like the best!

Creative Portrait Smoke Bombs Creative Portrait Smoke Bombs Creative Portrait Smoke Bombs Creative Portrait Smoke Bombs Creative Portrait Smoke Bombs Creative Portrait Smoke Bombs

Our model was Macy Smith, you can check out her website here!

And here is a link where you can read more about using smoke bombs in photography!

Activities to do at Teton National Park

Teton National Park Activities

Being so close to the Tetons is really fun! We set up a photoshoot of some portraits to take while we were visiting the National Park. Depending on the time of year there are all different types of activities you can do. Some of the most popular include fishing, hiking, camping, site seeing, and just feeling part of the western lifestyle. We tried to show some of these various activities in our photoshoot. These photos taken are raw images straight from the camera. The lighting was achieved using a travel strobe light. This was the only way we were able to accomplish this type of lighting. We had to shoot most of these photos between noon and 3. So to contradict the harsh shadows we used the strobe as the main light and the sunlight for the ambient light.

Morgan was a great spot, I wanted her to go into the freezing cold water for this fishing photo, and she kept the smile on her face the whole time!

Alli Brock - Portrait Teton National Park Activities

Alli Brock - Portrait Teton National Park Activities

Alli Brock - Portrait Teton National Park Activities

Click here to visit their website.I hope that when you visit the Tetons, that you can find an activity that fits for you and your whole family.


Draper, Utah