Creative Way To Show off Your Work

Creative Way To Show off Your Work

For our final project, we were asked to create a creative resume. It would be something we could hand to a potential client or professional to stand out of the crowd of photographers.

I originally planned to make a hand stitched book. I’ve done it before for a book making class, but with finals, moving, Christmas, work getting crazier and packing the house it was just too much to take on. So I decided on another project I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.

I started burning wood just as little gifts for my friends when they would get married. It was a fun and cute way for me to personalize a gift for them. I’ve found there is a whole community and hundred of craft projects with wood so my craft collection has been slowly growing towards that.

I watched this video and based my project off of that.

I think Robert is so fun! He’s got a lot of creative projects for any level!

Here are some of my templates I made for my wood pieces.

Creative ways to show off your images

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