Epic Portrait Lighting

Balance Outdoor Lighting

Taking pictures during mid day can be hard to do. You definitely need at least a reflector to get those harsh shadows under control. Well how about we take it a step further and add a speed light?

 Alli Brock Epic Lighting Portrait

As you can see in this first image, this is what a natural light photographer would have to do in order to get their subject enough light on their face. They would have to nearly blow out their background.

Alli Brock Epic Lighting Portrait

The only way you could fix that background is if you meter for the background. Which you can see leaves your subject in the shadows. By adding that speed light or reflector, we add back in light where the sun is absent. This gives you a good lighting for both your background and your subject.

Alli Brock Epic Lighting Portrait

These are pictures of my friend Gerardo. He is an amazing fashion photographer!! Check out his website here!

Draper, Utah