Find Beauty within the Beautiful – Photography Tips

Teton National Park

Find Beauty within the Beautiful

What the heck do I mean by that?
When I started shooting landscapes. I took the “Postcard” type of photos. Showing as much detail as I could while sharing the location with others. I got board of that really fast. I felt that the shots I was getting were just like one I’ve seen and that someone else probably took a better one. Sadly, I felt that way when I worked at Walt Disney World. I was in a creative slump when it came to photography, and I didn’t take out my camera as much as I should have. I felt that I could just find a better picture online. Looking back it breaks my heart I thought that. There is so many parts of Disney that I love and don’t have a photograph to keep that memory long term. Plus, I got into the parks for free! So I didn’t have to worry about paying for a whole day and photographing instead of going on the rides! Can you tell this still haunts me?

Finding Beauty in the Tetons

Now, take a breath. Start shooting some of the little things you see while on your journey. Pretty flowers, cool textures, animals, or anything that jumps out at you! Slowly start to zoom out and try to keep those eye catchers as your subject, but also get the environment. I’m always looking for a new way to look at things and this trick helps me get through the long hikes with nothing but trees to look at.

This shot, I used the Tetons as my subject, and the horses as my secondary subject. Also another good rule of thumb is that nature usually comes in an odd number. So not only are there the three peaks on the Tetons, but three horses.

Landscape Photography Tips

Be respectful of course of where you visit. But if you can get some access to a place maybe most people don’t find interesting. Go shoot there and prove them wrong!

Madi Stephans went with me on this trip, check out her photos here

Draper, Utah