Fine Art – Large Printing

Printing a Large Fine Art Photograph

I’ve been fortunate to have done a lot of printing in my career. In all of my photography classes we were had to print every assignment on our own. I also have worked at a Print lab for over a year printing customer’s images and making sure we were printing to their expectations of color/brightness. For my professional imagine class, we have the opportunity to display our work on campus. Our topic was fine art and the smallest we could go was 16×24.

We started by printing off two test prints, and bringing them to class to get critique. I brought in these two landscape shots I took when we visited Canada.

Natural Beauty Fine ArtAlli Brock - Large Print Fine Art
I was really leaning towards the water tower. The majority of my class voted for the red rock one! I was super surprised! Everyone in my office voted for the water tower. After talking to the class, they suggested that I printed a portrait. That is what I love doing and what I’m good at. Looking through my images it was hard for me to pick an image. When I shoot I usually am shooting for the client, so I usually try to show them and their personality. The idea of this print was for it to be something that someone would hang up in their home. It is extremely rare for someone to hang a large print of someone they don’t know. So I really had to think of painting and art that I have seen in people’s home with people in them. Most Idaho homes have a western theme to them so they have a lot of painting of cowboys.

I took images of my Grandpa Charlie. We were visiting him in Canada the same time I took the Waterton Landscape images. I took some photos of him on his ranch because it was the last time we would see the ranch. He sold the families ranch. COM Ranch. It was so heart breaking seeing him and knowing he literally built that ranch. Not only that, but his wife had just passed away. I am so glad I was able to know Grandma Dixie and take images of the Ranch when it was up. It’ll be great memories for the whole family and for us to share with our children when we tell them all the crazy stories that Grandpa did for that ranch.

This is the image I chose,

Alli Brock - Fine Art - Large Printing

The printing process was difficult then usual. I print all the time on an EPSON Stylus 7890 24″. We have been having problems with it lately leaving purple lines across the top and bottom of the image. I printed a photo for a client yesterday and it was fine. Of course today it decided to throw a fit. I went to the photo lab to ask my photography teacher, they have the same printer. He gave me some suggestions. I replaced and cleaned the maintenance tank, did multiple power cleans, nozzle cleaning, duo tone cleaning and cleaned the inside of the printer. I would print a test print to see if any of the nozzle were clogged and it came out clean. Then I would print an image and it would show up again. I went to the head of the Printing on campus and he was surprised too. I was running out of time so I got to print using his Canon printer and then dry mounting it. It turned out, but man I tried everything with that printer. If anyone has had this problem and figured out why it was doing that, I would love to hear! I looked online and all I could find were people talking about smudges, mine isn’t a smudge but a magenta bar across the top and bottom. When I print an image in the middle of the paper it doesn’t show up. I had to print large so that wasn’t an option. I’m guessing it has something to do with the yellow nozzle. It was having problems and I had to clean that one multiple times before I could get a good test print.

Alli Brock - Framed Large Print Fine Art

Ever notice how your get your prints back from Wal-mart of Walgreens and they look terrible? Their on this really cheap looking paper and the colors and just over saturated. I highly recommend printing at Persnickety Prints. I used to work there and personally know they have great quality. They don’t use ink, it is what is known professionally as a dry photo lab. It uses light sensitive paper and chemicals but it’s done all in a machine. You get great looking images and they are archival so they last a really long time! I heard of customers who’s house was completely flooded, but because they printed with the silver highlight paper instead of ink, all their images were fine! Their prices are decent and everyone of your images is hand checked for quality and misprints. Check them out and tell them Alli sent ya!

Draper, Utah