Let’s Get Wicked

Let’s Get Wicked

I’m not of a broadway person. I’ve never even seen a live musical, but even I, a west coast sporty girl has heard of the musical Wicked. I remember when it got huge and people would sing it all the time at school, for talent shows, and even costume parties. Then fast forward a couple of years and Frozen came out. Alright, Disney more of my turf. The name Idina Menzel is being thrown around because of Elsa’s iconic song Let It Go. I was blown away by the vocals that I decided to look up where this India girl came from. Was I surprised that Wicked came up again? No.

Halloween has gotten bigger and bigger each year. It used to be seen as childish if you were over the age of 15 and dressed up, especially if you weren’t dressed as a sexy bunny. I was never one to dress like that for Halloween so it slowed died off as years came. Cos-play has become huge in the gaming, movie, and anime culture. The more realistic your costume the more popular you became. Cosplay has defiantly effected Halloween and made it a more fun and playful holiday again for young adults to join in on. I had an opportunity to shoot a special Witch. She isn’t a cosplayer but her costume could easily qualify her. She told me she is a witch every year for halloween. She’s a huge fan of the Wicked Witch of the West, Elphaba. This year she wanted some images of her as Elphaba.

We got to use some color smoke bombs for the shoot! If you haven’t ever used them before, I’d advise you read up about them because it is harder then it looks! The smoke is hard to predict which direction it will go, and it can get too thick real quick. I recommend if you want in it the background, have the model stand a good 6 feet away from the smoke. It will slowly creep in and spread. We shot in a barn with the doors open on each end of the barn! So take in consideration the wind as well!

Alli Brock Elphaba Wicked CosplayAlli Brock Elphaba Wicked CosplayAlli Brock Elphaba Wicked CosplayAlli Brock Elphaba Wicked Cosplay

Draper, Utah