Male Poses

Male Posing


I had a chance to shoot with this amazing male model! Blaine was so fluid and went from one pose to the next! I swear he went on for a good twenty minuets before he looked and me and said, ” Sorry I can’t think another pose.” If only every client was like him! Guys are always the hardest to shoot. Especially if its just them. I’m slowly learning more poses for men, but it always helps if your subject is comfortable. 

Male Model Pose

Male Model Pose

Another tip about posing is to not over think it! I catch myself doing it all the time. Besides, everyone loves the candid shots! You’ll get a much more natural look if you can give them a pose, and then direct them into doing something. For example, the only difference between the photo above and the one to the right, is just putting his hand up to his neck. Posing doesn’t have to be hard. Just let them get comfortable and let them know it is okay to move!

male model pose

Male Model

Draper, Utah