This week’s focus was perspective. I was planning on taking pictures of my 2 year old nephew. He is so fun and is always getting into things.  All was going according to plan until Saturday. We were planning on driving to Idaho Falls, go switch our car’s lease and then use the afternoon taking photos. Well, not more than 2 miles from the dealership our car just stopped. On the dashboard it kept saying “Stop Safely, See manual.” We pushed it out of the intersection and started looking through the manual called the dealership…they were closed. We had to wait 2 hours for our roadside assistant to come tow our car back to the dealership. We had just turned in our keys for our old car, and now we have this new car that can’t leave the lot.

In the end, we were carless and stuck in Idaho Falls until Sunday afternoon where we got to fill out more paperwork and ended up with our old car back until the new one is fixed.

So I was really bummed because I only had a short time to take photos of my nephew. Instead I ended up taking pictures of my wedding ring, which is cool but not what I was planning on.

So here’s the end result of my fun filled weekend 😛

(click here to see one of the photos that I did get of my nephew this weekend!)


My ring says “Enjoy the Journey” & My Husband’s ring says ” Reality Surpasses Dreams” Oh and I have Mickey Mouse on my ring too!

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Draper, Utah