Product photography, without a studio!

Product photography, without a studio!

Believe it or not, you can shoot products without a plain white background! I work at a studio in Idaho and have companies come in all the time for product shots. Every time without fail they say, I just want it on a plain white background. I don’t blame them, I used to think the same way, until I took a class from Brian Brown. He’s a commercial photographer and teaches classes at BYU-Idaho. He has done commercial photography for over 30 years. In his class we were not allowed to shoot on a plain background. We had to set a scene or make it interesting with lighting. I’ve noticed since that class how important it is to have an image that doesn’t look like your shopping online on Amazon.

In this image, I was trying to be really careful with the reflection on the knife! I wanted it to be smooth and clean.

Lay-falts are really popular right now, especially on Instagram. Its a nice way to lay out your subject and great really creative without having to worry about height!

I included this image to show that not all white backgrounds are bad. This I had a refelctive subject so I used black fill cards to create a diagonal line on the lid and had a glossy background. This gives it that a very clean classy look.

Draper, Utah