Outdoor product shots

Outdoor Product Shots

Not everyone will have access to their own studio. Especially when starting out. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give product photography a shot… 😉 I feel you should always try something out before you invest in the equipment for it. When I stared out I bought a really expensive wide lens. Within a few months I realized I don’t really like shooting landscapes! I’ve found ways to use it in portraits but it’s only on rare occasions.

With winter coming up, be brave! Fight the cold!! You can get some sweet shots! You can easily use the snow to your advantage! The sun reflects off the snow and you can use it as your fill light! Here are some examples I took last week up in Victor Wyoming.


Our family’s international student Amy bought me this for Christmas last year! High quality and can fight off that bitter cold!



Hot cocoa is my favorite part of winter!

Draper, Utah