Semester’s Top Photos

Semester’s Top Work

This semester is my last one in Rexburg. I thought it would never end. I had to grin out a lot of projects and get all the credits worked out but come January me and my husband will be moving to Utah. We still have senior projects and internships to complete but we don’t have to be in Rexburg to do it! This last semester has built up my confidence in photography. I’ve been concentrating on both studio and natural light patterns. Here is a small collection of my favorite work from this semester.

Beautiful Fashion Studio Lighting Head shot

Alli Brock - Large Print Fine ArtMale Pose Portrait FashionAlli Brock- Not Just a Wedding Photographer80s Fashion Style PortraitCreative Portrait Smoke Bombs

Male Pose Portrait FashionAlli Brock Christmas CardAlli Brock Contact Brockalli


I am sad to be leaving some of my good photography friends behind. Bailey Bennet of Joyful B. Photography & I hit it off right at the start. She’s got a great love of photography and I can easily see her going places with her craft. Last but not least Gerardo Sumano, he never stops blowing my mind! His work is absolutely beautiful and I’m so happy I got to know him better this semester. He’ll be a huge photographer in the fashion industry so look out for him!

Draper, Utah