Split Toning

Split Toning

Split toning can be a very fun way to add some interest to your photo. A lot of sunset pictures where you get those insane colors have some split toning done in them. I’ve done it in the darkroom when developing film, so I decided I wanted to try my hand in photoshop with digital. (Obviously it’s completely different but that’s where my idea came from.)

I first decided I wanted to split tone both highlights and shadows. I picked Orange and Purple complimentary colors. It took a very long time to get the result I wanted and for it to look good on more then just the first photo I was working on. Here is what my Photoshop layers end up looking like. I did it so many times I pretty much forgot how I ended up here, but I did save it so that I could use the effect again.

Alli Brock - Layers Split Tone

Here are some of the results. I discovered with the Orange and Purple color scheme the photos that ended up looking the best were sunset photos or photos with a really warm base.

Alli Brock Split Tone - Layers EditAlli Brock - Split Tone - Photoshop Edit

Alli Brock Split Tone Edit

Alli Brock Split Tone Edit

Alli Brock Split Tone Edit Alli Brock Split Tone Edit

This one I did really soft. I love the cool colors the purple added!

Alli Brock Split Tone EditAlli Brock Split Tone Edit

I think my favorite part about this effect is how it can drastically change the mood of the image. It adds a punch of color but the increased contrast keeps it from being too high key. I love the purple shadows and think I will definetly use this in the future. Now I just have to see if I can make it in Lightroom and test it out on more images!

Draper, Utah