Time for some Vector!

Marble Timepiece

Photorealism. It’s amazing what some people can do. The question is, could I.

I knew this project was coming and I was scared out of my mind. I’ve had assignments in my photography classes on shooting metal, and I know how hard that is. So I knew this would be no picnic. Metal and glass are the two hardest things to light when it comes to product photography. You have to reflect your light off of something and then hit your subject. You basically have to light whatever the reflection is that is on your subject instead of your subject.

We were first told to sketch out and try to see how the shadows and highlights reflect on a watch.

alli brock sketch

I didn’t feel like this exercise was as helpful as it was for the icon project. I can’t draw a photorealistic drawing so I just tried to draw some details that may get over looked when looking at a watch. The reference photo was the keystone for starting this project. My only regret about picking this watch is that I wish I had a higher resolution of the watch. Trying to see the details and highlights in the watch was hard to see because the pixels blended together when you zoomed in.

Seeing other projects students had made, I was extremely intimidated. I didn’t feel I did well on the gradient activity so I wanted to pick one with very little metal and reflection. I choose this one because I thought I could focus more on the detail of the marble rather then a metal band.


Mable Texture I made in Photoshop

Alli Brock Draft


For not having our professor or TAs to help the first week, I was pretty proud of how my watch was turning out. I quickly just put the outline down and didn’t pay much attention to the watch’s little pieces but more on the marble. I loved how the marble turned out! Once we had critique, I didn’t. I didn’t even think about it. I made the marble in Photoshop. I knew I could make it there and then just mask it into the watch so I would have realistic looking texture. I totally forgot that it wasn’t a vector. I made it in photoshop completely on my own and the only thought of why I wouldn’t be able to use it is if it was marble I just got off the internet. So it was a good thing I found out I couldn’t do that before I turned it in, but was disappointed because the marble looked really good!

Here is some of my marble attempts. I wish I screenshot them all but I didn’t think about it until Thursday to start screenshoting them. I tried using the watercolor brush and then twirl, warp and bloat tools to blend it.

You can see that I pick this last one as my texture. Still didn’t get to where I would want to go with it. I’m surprised of the turn out, but very glad this project is over.

Draper, Utah